the vinyl book - corporate identity [2019]

The name of the Hamburg based techno club PAL is an abbreviation for Phase Alternating Line - a transmission technology used in analog television. Its inspired by the location of the club, right next to the television tower. Not only this connection but even the iconic vinyl - as the best analog media for music - is transferred to corporate identity of the book which documents the visual works and images of the club as a catalog that you can play on your turntable.
The layout system is derived from typical television distortions and the different record sizes. With the pagination it transmits the teletext model. Every introduction page of a chapter is typographically designed like a record player. With each chapter, the record rotates a little further. The project was made for Mutabor including photos by Markus Wendler, graphics by Maison Blessing and the soundtrack by Leo Faerber.

→ honored by: Cannes Lion Brand Building (2019) / Corporate Design Preis CD Launch (2019) / ADC - silver in each category Corporate Identity & Visual Identity, Promotional Packaging & Collateral (2019)

Alles Elbe – web design [2018]

Web design for Alles Elbe. Tasty home-brewed and handmade beers from Germany & Czech Republic. Some pretty good sausage. Delicious dinner bread and the wine can be surprisingly good. Everything they offer comes from the Elbe and it`s tributaries between Cuxhaven and Prague.

franzisknows.net - corporate identity [2018]

The only person comic sans suits to. Corporate Design for Frontend Developer franziknows.net.

Alles Elbe – corporate identity [2018]

Corporate Design for Alles Elbe. Tasty home-brewed and handmade beers from Germany & Czech Republic. Some pretty good sausage. Delicious dinner bread and the wine can be surprisingly good. Everything they offer comes from the Elbe and it`s tributaries between Cuxhaven and Prague.


Gestalten im geschlossenen System – book [2017]

“The political turnaround of 1989 was an Aesthetic Revolt” – Harry Lehmann.
This book provides insights to the theme design in the closed system. Exemplified by the work of 3 selected artists, it shows the possibilities and limitations of graphic design in the GDR from 1969 to 1989. The result is a compendium of found images, texts and interviews.

→ honored by: DDC - shortlist (2017) / German Design Award - Nominee (2017)

Lorraine – [2017]

Lorraine – cd [2017]

Album artwork for Lorraine. CD and DVD in a customised slipcase. The single pieces allow a modular cover.
[collaboration with Bjoern Lexius]

Resource Architecture – book [2015]

The book deals with architectural solutions that recognize building stock as a valuable resource. Valuing the existing is the best starting point for a completely open-minded approach: appreciating that the dilapidated, the strange and the ordinary are architectural resources worth taking seriously can lead to potential new directions in architecture. This book presents projects and perspectives by architects who chose a positive, empowering view of existing structures as an inspiration and motivation for further development. Identities settled somewhere between new and old.

Gutschow – typeface [2015]

A geometric sans serif typeface based on Futura, with fine and thick strokes to create a subtle association to the „Bauhaus“ aesthetics. The structure refers to the dynamic orientation of the 1920th movement „Neues Sehen“ (New Vision) photography. Arvid Gutschow, a German photographer, is considered a representative of the New Objectivity.

Stilvorlagen – documentation, poster, cards & web design [2014]

Development of the corporate design for „Stilvorlagen“. This lecture series critically examines positions in communication design within a societal context and was held at the Design Department of the Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg. Documentation in regards to the character-shaping of a series of lectures on the topic of design and society. It was examined which identity would be forward-proof in regards to a lecture series on "Stilvorlagen“. Furthermore was elaborated how the contents could be communicated in a mission conscious manner beyond the borders of Hamburg. In the discourse of project management, contemporary curatorial practice and media communication, conventional strategies and design concepts were questioned and newly implemented.


Echolot - Limbo ihr Fotzen – book [2012]

This book aims to communicate and visualize the Tourette Syndrome. It deliberately impedes the readability, as both the text as well as the Tourette break through the chosen format with their own lives. Fragments detach from one another in order to create new relations.

→ honored by: ADC - junior competition (2012)

Dunkhase – identity [2016]

Corporate design for business coach and personal trainer Jens Gunnar Dunkhase.

Lorraine – ep [2015]

Frau Gans und der Clown – book [2011]

A picture book about a lonely woman in need of care and her caregiver who part time acts as an hospital clown. The focus lies on the transformation from the „everydays person" to the colourful clown and the difficulties of work-life-balance. Pictures taken by me.

Helvetica – book [2011]

This book pays tribute to Helvetica, the entertaining shift worker among typefaces, to its forgotten creator Max Miedinger and to all those who have contributed to its unrivalled international success.

Lorraine – vinyl sleeve [2015]

Design for the vinyl sleeve for the released Album Lorraine.

Monch – typeface [2013]

Monch is a geometrically constructed all caps typeface , characterized by alternates representing the entire alphabet. The simple linear Antiqua font offers proficient combinations of normal and alternative characters. The font is an interpretation of Art Déco mixed with the straightforward forms of historical runic writing.

Ramen – t-shirt [2018]

Shirt for "Ramen" Lovers.